• Big Changes

    "Holy Guacamole we bought a bus!!!!! Wow that happened quicker than I thought it would. After months of refreshing gumtree ads and messaging bus owners we finally made the jump into bus ownership 2.0. The magnitude of the job ahead of us certainly hasn’t sunken in yet. Although we worked hard on Lola getting her ready for our family of 5 to hit the road two years ago now (two years already! time fly’s!), the jobs we carried out on that bus is nothing compared to what we have ahead of us now."
  • Sketching out Dreams

    "We’ve been back in our home town for six months now and although we had only planned to back for half that time it’s been a nice change to the constant moving around from one spot to another. Being back home has given us the chance to spend time with family and friends, to make some big plans and begin working on following them through."